How to spot an ad for the Bachman mattress commercial on Craigslist (and how to get a refund) June 17, 2021 June 17, 2021 admin

Craigslist is known for its online ads that often sell products and services to people for a flat rate of $25 to $100.

The ads are often very low-tech, but that doesn’t stop them from being very popular with potential customers.

This week, an ad was posted on Craigslist selling a mattress called the Bachmann.

The seller was listed as a business in Chicago, and the ad said it was an “ad-free mattress,” meaning that the ads would not display any ads on the site.

But after some digging, I learned that the seller, Bob Bachman, had previously sold the same mattress for $200 to $250.

Bob had been trying to sell his Bachmann mattress for over a year, and he was selling it online to potential buyers for $100 to $200.

Bob also had a website that had an ad up on it, with a link to buy the mattress.

However, the ad itself was no longer active.

This meant that the ad was probably fake.

The Craigslist ad had two pages: one for sale and one for rent.

The page for rent listed the Bachmans location in Chicago as “Aptos, CA” and had an “Ad Free” banner.

This banner appeared after the ads were removed.

But what was most interesting about the Craigslist ad was the “Rent” section.

It stated that the mattress was available for rent for $75 per week.

That is, the seller would pay $75 for the mattress for a week, then sell it for $15 per week to the buyer.

The buyer would be paid $15 each time.

I called Bob Bachmann to find out more.

Bob, a former advertising executive in the advertising industry, told me that he and his wife had owned the mattress business for about six years and that they had sold the mattress in the past for $150.

Bob was selling his Bachman for $20 to $30 a week.

Bob told me he did not know how to use Craigslist to get the ad taken down, and that he had no idea where the ad could have come from.

The Bachmans listing had a disclaimer that said the ad had been removed because the ad contained material that is offensive to some persons, including minors.

I asked Bob about that, and Bob told a different story.

He said that he believed the ad to be fake.

However he did tell me that, because the Bachmen’s business was an ad-free site, Craigslist was not able to remove the ad from the site at that time.

Bob’s wife also confirmed that the Bachmens’ mattress had been sold to someone in the San Francisco Bay Area for $80 a week on Craigslist, but Bob told us that the buyer was a woman from Arizona.

The ad had a $75 listing for the pad, but it listed the mattress as “Ad free” and a $20 listing for rent as a “rental” option.

After I told Bob that Craigslist could not remove the Craigslist ads, he told me it was not his place to make that decision.

But Bob said that the listing was “out there” in the ad search engine, and Craigslist was going to take it down when it was removed.

So Bob took the Bachmermans listing down from Craigslist and paid $200 for it.

Bob then called the seller and told him that he would refund him $300 if he could get the listing back.

Bob offered to help pay the $200 deposit to the seller.

The listing was back up, but the seller was unable to return it.

He contacted Craigslist and said that, “I did get ahold of [the seller] but I don’t know where the listing is.”

Craigslist did not return calls for comment.

Bob Bachmen told me via email that Craigslist did remove his Craigslist ads and that Craigslist would do so again.

But Craigslist has not told Bob what happened to the Bachms’ listing.

I contacted Bob again to get more information.

He sent me a link that was included in the Craigslist Ads article that listed the seller as “Bob Bachman” and stated that, in addition to the listing, Craigslist also had the listing for $300 per week for a “lease” option and $15 for a rent option.

The article included this information: Bob Bachmer is the owner of a commercial mattress business in San Francisco.

Bob is the head of the mattress company.

He has owned the Bachmeyer mattress business since 2009.

He began selling his company in 2005 and has been a tenant in the Bachamans business ever since.

Bob has also been in the business of renting the Bachmeyers mattress for about a year.

In 2008, Bob began leasing the Bachmeier mattress for rent to people who live in the Bay Area.

When Bob was in business, he had the opportunity to make money selling his mattress at a lower rate than most others