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Homebuyers looking to sell their own properties are facing some major hurdles as the housing market continues to recover.

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What is a residential loan?

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Commercial lending is a term for a commercial property sold for money to the owner for a fixed period of time, usually five years or less.

Commercial loans are often used to finance construction or repair of properties.

There are some rules when commercial lending is involved.

For example, commercial lending cannot be used to buy land and residential loans cannot be taken on.

Commercial sales of properties are considered to be a form of debt for financial gain, meaning the buyer is liable for the full purchase price of the property.

Commercial property can also be purchased from a non-residential lender, such as an owner-occupier who has a lease or who leases property to other people.

This means that the borrower is responsible for all costs associated with the purchase, such the purchase of the land and the purchase and installation of the equipment.

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The sale of residential property is often used by buyers as a way of paying down debt.

It is important to understand the terms of a commercial sale, as commercial lending can be very difficult to obtain and, therefore, it can be a risky business.

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