What is the real impact of the car industry on Australia? August 3, 2021 August 3, 2021 admin

A car industry report has revealed that the number of people employed in the industry has increased by 1.4% since 2011, and is forecast to grow by 1% per annum over the next 10 years.

The report from the Australian Industry Group says that while there are some signs of improvement in employment, there are still some jobs that are not being filled.

The study, published on Monday, found that car industry employment growth in Australia has been driven by the entry into the market of the new Tesla Model 3, which is now the fastest-selling electric vehicle ever sold.

According to the report, the number and size of employment in the automotive sector increased by 0.5% in the 12 months to March.

But the report also says that in some areas, the sector is losing employment.

“While the overall unemployment rate in the car sector remains stable, it has declined significantly in areas where it was previously high, particularly in the southern states,” the report said.

The report also noted that although the sector was able to hire more people in the last year, it is losing some jobs.

“The labour market has become increasingly uncompetitive in many areas and in some regions it has become almost impossible to find a job in the sector,” it said.

The automotive sector employs around 1.3 million people in Australia.

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