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Commercial laundry sales are a lucrative business for businesses across Ireland.

The sector is worth about €1.3bn annually and employs about 8,000 people.

There are about 2,500 commercial laundries in Ireland, of which 2,000 are owned by commercial laundry operators.

Commercial laundries have an average turnover of €40m annually, a figure that rises to more than €100m with the potential to grow to €300m annually.

According to a report from the Irish Commercial Laundry Association, there are some key areas where a commercial laundry operator can make a profit:In a typical week, there could be between one and two million commercial laundrys.

There is also a strong demand for commercial laundry services in the retail and hospitality sectors, which makes up about 10 per cent of commercial laundromats’ annual turnover.

Commercial laundry operators also enjoy considerable access to foreign markets.

They can sell their products directly to consumers, with the customer receiving the goods at their doorstep.

The key issue in commercial laundry markets is the lack of competition.

There’s very little competition in the commercial laundry sector, with most businesses relying on the commercial laundriers to make their sales.

The industry is also highly fragmented.

There could be a number of different commercial laundry companies, with different locations, different suppliers, and different product lines.

There are many different commercial laundressees in the country.

Some of the more well-known ones include:Laundry Direct and Superlaundry have close relationships with each other.

They operate under the same management structure, with both companies operating in Ireland.

Laundries Direct also operates in the UK.

Superlaunderries operates in England and Wales, as well as Scotland and Northern Ireland.

There’s a strong competitive advantage for commercial laundresses in the residential market, as they are generally better known in the community and offer better deals than commercial launders in other sectors.

The key areas for commercial businesses to exploit is in the areas of:Commercial laundreses also have the potential for a return on investment.

It is not uncommon for commercial firms to offer a discounted rate on their product when customers use the service.

For example, there is a discount on laundry detergent for some customers.

There is also potential for an increase in turnover due to the large number of customers using the service and the ability to earn more money.

Commercial laundering is a lucrative industry.

It has been profitable for the commercial sector for the last three decades and has been growing rapidly since the late 1990s.

The recent economic downturn has resulted in an increase of turnover and a drop in profits, which is expected to continue.

In the last financial year, commercial laundrers paid €7.6m in tax, with an additional €2.6 million in interest.