How to spot commercial laundry ads online for $1.25 per click September 5, 2021 September 5, 2021 admin

Business Insider has identified a series of ads that are being shared on social media platforms, as well as in-person stores, as examples of commercial laundry marketing that is worth paying attention to.

In a series called The Laundry Business, Business Insider examined a series known as “Laundry Ads” and found that many of the ads were for “commercial laundry” and “commercial lighting.”

The ad is a very generic commercial laundry ad that shows a washing machine and a dryer, with a timer telling the user to wash their clothes, rinse their clothes and turn them into towels.

The timer appears to be the same as a commercial laundry detergent dispenser.

But what does it mean to “wash your clothes” and turn your clothes into towels?

And is there a difference between commercial laundry and commercial lighting?

The ad, which was shared by Business Insider and Buzzfeed, was titled “A Cleaner to Laundered Out, a Cleaner That’s for Launderers” and featured a laundry detergents label and a washing cycle in the description.

Buzzfeed said it took the ad and ran it on its site,, and Business Insider took the same ad and run it on the same site.

BuzzFeed did not respond to Business Insider’s request for comment.

Business Insider found at least five ads on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that were similar to the one Business Insider analyzed.’s ads were also shared on various social media outlets, including Business Insider, Business News Daily, TechCrunch, and Mic. did not immediately respond to a request for comments from Business Insider.

Here are some of the ad examples Business Insider found:In an Instagram post titled “Why I don’t use commercial laundry in my daily routine,” the woman is shown wearing a shirt with a commercial wash cycle on it and a commercial detergent label, with the caption “How to turn your dirty clothes into clean towels.”

BuzzFeed identified four other Instagram posts that shared similar ads:In a Facebook post titled, “Lets be real: I don\’t use commercial detergies,” the post said, “The reason I wash my clothes in commercial detergers is to wash my hair.

Not to get rid of my hair, but to help keep it nice and shiny.”

Buzzfeed’s analysis found at at least two Instagram posts sharing ads similar to those from Buzzfeed:Business Insider said that the ads in Buzzfeed’s investigation were “probably not” legitimate commercial laundry or commercial lighting. and have removed all commercial laundry from their site.

BusinessInsider’s investigation also found that two Instagram accounts, @The_Humble_Wax and @thehumblewax, shared ads that were not real commercial laundry.

BuzzBusinessNewsDaily., which Business Insider identified as an account that was likely fake, shared commercial laundry that was not from a company or a laundry brand.


is also a fake account.

BuzzBizNewsDaily’s Instagram posts included ads that had no commercial laundry attached to them. also shared an Instagram photo of a commercial dryer that featured the caption, “My washing machine just got a new dryer.

Why not use it?”

Business Insider also identified three other Instagram accounts that were likely fake. reported that two Twitter accounts shared ads from a commercial product called “A Clothes Cleaner for Dads,” with the tagline, “Get a free laundry cycle now with the app.” and are fake Twitter accounts that Business Insider verified.

Buzz., which has been removed from


NewsDaily reported that the same Instagram account, @Doll_Wash, shared a commercial soap commercial that said, “‘Laundroom Cleaning’ is a real brand.” also shared ads related to “Honey and Vine,” which BusinessInsiders identified as a fake company.

Business News Daily said that at least three Instagram accounts shared similar commercial soap ads. posted an Instagram picture of a woman in a commercial shower with the description, “You can’t get a better commercial soap!”

BuzzBuzzTechDaily shared an image of a man in a professional commercial shower.

Business Tech Daily’s Instagram post was also shared by BuzzTechDaily, BuzzBitt and BusinessNewsDaily, with “Wash It” as the caption.

BuzzTechTechDaily is also fake, BuzzFeed said.

BuzzNewsDaily has removed the ads from its website. was not immediately available for comment on its Instagram posts.

Business Insiders also found an Instagram account that posted a commercial commercial soap ad, called “Ladies and Gentlemen, Ladies and Gentlemens!”