€8bn in Irish sales, €6bn in UK sales, £3bn in Germany sales – Irish sales in one year September 6, 2021 September 6, 2021 admin

Ireland’s commercial industrial and commercial suv sale numbers were revealed in Ireland’s latest commercial trade report.

Source: The Irish Sun/PAImages: PAThe commercial industrial trade report was released today and it shows Ireland’s sales of commercial, industrial, industrial and suv were €8.7bn in the 12 months to June.

The figures are slightly lower than the €9.4bn for the same period last year, which was the highest number since 2004.

Sales in the first six months of 2018 were €4.6bn, while sales in the second half of 2018 rose by €2.2bn.

However, the second-highest growth came in the year to June 2018, with a growth of 12.9pc.

That figure was more than double the growth in the previous year.

Sales of commercial and industrial suv accounted for 46.4pc of total sales, up from 41.6pc in the same time last year.

Commercial sales of the €1.2 trillion sector rose by 5.3pc to €2,876 billion.

Industrial sales of €1,858bn rose by 4.3 per cent to €3,973bn.

Commercial suv and industrial sales are the two sectors where the government said it would invest a combined €1 billion in the next three years, although that figure is yet to be confirmed.

The second half 2018 sales are likely to represent a substantial increase from the previous three years.